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# Saturday, March 01, 2014

AVID Studio: How To Set Up the Make Disc Settings

In Pinnacle AVID Studio, the Make Disc settings allow you to adjust the settings for creating various discs. The disc formats that you can create in Pinnacle Studio include: DVD, Blu-ray and HD DVD. You need to have the correct burner in your computer in order to utilize all of the disc formats. You can burn DVD on a CD discs in a DVD burner, DVD discs in a DVD or HD DVD burner, HD DVD discs in an HD DVD burner, and Blu-ray discs in a Blu-ray burner.

Step 1: Adjust the Disc Type Setting

The first setting that you need to adjust is the disc type setting. To create a disc or disc image, select DVD or Blu-ray. To create a DVD or an CD or an HD DVD that you can play in a DVD player, select HD DVD.

Step 2: Video Quality and Disc Usage

The video quality and disc usage options refer to the data rate that the disc will be burned at. Your options are automatic, best video quality, most video on disc, and custom. With each option, Pinnacle Studio will display an estimate that tells you how much space you need on a disc in order to utilize that setting.

Step 3: Audio Compression

There are four audio compression options. PCM encodes the audio so that it is supported by all DVD players, but this option can take up a lot of space on your DVD, as well. MPEG will encode that audio so that it is supported by all PAL DVD players, and some NTSC DVD players. Dolby Digital 2-channel is an option that you want to use if you need to store either a stereo or a surround soundtrack on a DVD. Dolby Digital 5.1 channel is similar to the 2-channel setting, except you will need a surround amplifier and speaker system to hear the audio that 5.1 channel encodes.

Step 4: Progressive Encoding

Through the process of progressive scanning, images are drawn from top to bottom at a high screen refresh rate. Many HD televisions and computer monitors use progressive scanning. You should only check the progressive encoding box if your project contains video that was progressively scanned or still images.

Step 5: Burn Options

The default option for creating discs in Pinnacle Studio is to create disc content and then burn. With this option, Pinnacle Studio will create the content that is to be burned to a disc, temporarily store that content to your hard drive, and then burn it to the disc.

Another option is create disc content, but don't burn. As the name suggests, Pinnacle Studio will create the content, but will not burn it to a disc. Instead, the content will be saved as a disc image on your hard drive.

The final burn option is burn from previously created disc content. You would use this burn option after you have used the create disc content, but don't burn option. Instead of burning the current project that you are working on in Pinnacle Studio, you can load the disc image that is saved on your hard drive and burn that content.

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