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# Sunday, October 31, 2010

I had the same problem and got it to work.

I first did the following:-

>Start>Settings>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services<

and stopp the ‘Nero Update Service’.
(This service might be renamed on some systems to

Once the service is stopped open your internet browser and do the following:

1.) –> enter to the address field
2.) –> refresh the Web Browser by holding the “SHIFT key” and using the “refresh page” function
3.) –> enter to the address field
4.) –> again refresh the Web Browser by holding the “SHIFT key” and using the “refresh page” function
5.) –> restart Nero ControlCenter and check for updates again

The update should work as far as updates are available now.

Used internet explorer to to it (probably not important that it has to be that, just that sometime I've had to use it for things so tried it for that)

It allowed me to do a check for updates again.

I disabled the backitup agent

choose to update the control center by itself first. It installed. rebooted the computer.

Rechecked for updates, (disabled the agent again, as I forgot to stop it from launching at start up)

select backitup and let it go for a few minutes (about 2-3) and it downloads.

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