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# Thursday, February 14, 2013

4. Februar, 1905 til 24. Januar, 1906 (træ)
23. Januar, 1917 til 10. Februar, 1918 (ild)
10. Februar, 1929 til 29. Januar, 1930 (jord)
27. Januar, 1941 til 14. Februar, 1942 (metal)
14. Februar, 1953 til 2. Februar, 1954 (vand)
2. Februar, 1965 til 20. Januar, 1966 (træ)
18. Februar, 1977 til 6. Februar, 1978 (ild)
6. Februar 1989 til 26. Januar, 1990 (jord)
24. Januar 2001 til 11. Februar, 2001 (metal)
10. februar 2013 til 30. januar 2014 (vand)

  • Det kinesiske navn for Slangen: SHE
  • Det sjette tegn i den kinesiske dyrekreds.
  • De timer, som Slangen hersker over: Kl. 09.00 - 11.00
  • Slangens faste element: Ild
  • Polretning: Negativ (Yang)
Slangens karakter kort:
De positive egenskaber:

Eftertænksom, vís, grundig, tålmodig, tillidsfuld, hurtigtænkene og dygtig til at organisere.
De negative egenskaber:
Herskersyg, intrigemager, jalous, af og til lidt ugidelig og ligegyldig, lukket og reserveret.
De heldige tal for Slangen: 1, 2, 4, 6, 13, 24, 42, 46

Generelle karaktertræk:
Personer, der er født i Slangens år, er som regel ret vise. De er også mediative. Slange år personer er tilbøjelig til at være forfængelige og en smule selviske. Deres fysiske ydre er som regel tiltrækkende. Personer fra dette tegn har som regel ingen økonomiske problemer, og hvis de har det, overvinder de dem. De er meget sympatiske for andre og vil prøve at hjælpe dem, der har brug for det. De overdriver i næsten alt her i livet.

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# Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Open CMD in elevated mode (run as administrator)


Type the following command:

slmgr.vbs -ipk PRODUCT KEY

slmgr.vbs –ato



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Software Development

Normally, a Windows 8 machine can be restarted by accessing the Settings screen by pressing WinKey+I (or by accessing Charms with WinKey+C and clicking the bottom Settings icon), then by clicking the Power button and selecting Restart / ShutDown from the menu that open.


Another way to access usually the restart options are to press Ctrl+Alt+Del , then click the Power button there and select Restart / Shut Down from the menu that opens. When connected via Remote Desktop, you can access the power button with Ctrl+Alt+End ( Ctrl+Alt+Del displays the lock screen on the host machine, not on the machine you’re connected to), but again Windows 8 offers there only the “”Disconnect” option (despite the tooltip on the button indicating Shut Down).


Another way to restart the computer: you can access the desktop (e.g. by pressing WinKey+D = Desktop, or WinKey+M = MinimizeAll), then press Alt+F4. This displays a Shut Down Windows dialog, where all the options are available! Ah, the good ol’ Desktop…


And, finally if you are a mouse person and prefer a one-click solution, you can create a shortcut to shutdown.exe, then right click it and pin the shortcut to the StartMenu. From now on you’ll be able to shutdown the machine by double clicking the icon on the Start screen or on desktop.


Shut down timed

Target: C:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe -s -t 20


Shut down timed

Target: C:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe -f Shutdown



Target: C:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe -r -f 



Press Alt+F4 on empty Desktop.


1.    on the tile page type RUN (select APPS on the top right) and click RUN, then enter:
shutdown -r -f Reboot
shutdown -f Shutdown

2.    Press ALT+F4 (i.e. close) and then select RESTART or SHUTDOWN


Remote Shutdown Command

Once we have mastered the crucial /s switch we can extend the Microsoft Shutdown command to act on remote machines.

Shutdown /s /m \\ComputerName

Note 1: I always get in a tangle with the /m (machine) switch. Pay close attention to its position (after /s or /r) and remember to introduce the victim machine with a double backslash \\ victim.

Note 2: Observe that there is no space between the backslashes and the computername
\\ ComputerName would not work.

Here is an example to restart a server called 'BigSrv'.

Shutdown /r /m \\BigSrv


Detailed Instructions to Create a Windows 8 Shutdown Tile

1.    Start on the Windows 8 desktop, or in a new folder - anywhere except in the Start Menu folder!

2.    Right-click, New, Shortcut. Paste this instruction:
C:\windows\system32\shutdown /s /t 20 (remember the space between t and 20)

3.    Name the shortcut after yourself, e.g. Guy's Shutdown, that way you will recognise it easily!

4.    Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the crucial folder:
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

5.    Paste the shortcut. You may wish to click on the advanced button and 'Run as administrator'.

6.    In passing you can see that it's not possible to create a new shortcut here.

7.    It's reassuring to see your shortcut amongst the other Apps.

8.    Return to the Metro UI start screen - Windows Key is the quickest way.

9.      Now, you may see your shortcut at the extreme right of the Metro screen. If not type the first letter, then you should see a list of Apps beginning with that letter. If yours is there, then Right-click its icon and see if it says Pinned or Unpinned, naturally you want it to be Pinned.

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Software Development
# Friday, September 14, 2012

class Person
    private string name;
    private int age;

    // Copy constructor.
    public Person(Person previousPerson)
        name =;
        age = previousPerson.age;

    // Instance constructor.
    public Person(string name, int age)
    { = name;
        this.age = age;

    // Get accessor.
    public string Details
            return name + " is " + age.ToString();

class TestPerson
    static void Main()
        // Create a new person object.
        Person person1 = new Person("George", 40);

        // Create another new object, copying person1.
        Person person2 = new Person(person1);

public interface ICloneable

Account clonedAccount = new Account(currentAccount); // Deep or shallow?

Account clonedAccount = currentAccount.DeepClone();  // instance method
Account clonedAccount = Account.DeepClone(currentAccount); // static method

class CheckingAccount : Account
    CheckAuthorizationScheme checkAuthorizationScheme;
    public override Account DeepClone()
        CheckingAccount clone = new CheckingAccount();
        return clone;
    protected override void DeepCloneFields(Account clone)
        ((CheckingAccount)clone).checkAuthorizationScheme = this.checkAuthorizationScheme.DeepClone();


    public class Employee:ICloneable
         /// <summary>
         /// Gets or Sets the Employee ID
         /// </summary>
         public int EmployeeId { get; set; }
         /// <summary>
         /// Gets or Sets Employee Name
         /// </summary>
         public string EmployeeName { get; set; }
         /// <summary>
         /// Gets or Sets the Joining Date
         /// </summary>
         public DateTime JoiningDate { get; set; }
         /// <summary>
         /// Gets or Sets the DepartmentDetail object
         /// </summary>
         public DepartmentDetail Department { get; set; }

         /// Returns the Deep Copied object
         /// </summary>
         /// <returns></returns>
         public object Clone()
             Employee employee = (Employee)this.MemberwiseClone();
             employee.Department = new DepartmentDetail();
             return employee;

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Software Development
# Friday, July 13, 2012
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Software Development
# Sunday, January 22, 2012

Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) 2012 is coming up on Jan 23rd, 2012. According to the Lunar Year Calendar, 2012 is the Year of Dragon.

Happy New Year of the Dragon. 龙年快乐!(Lóng nián kuàile!)
The Dragon is magnificent. In China, the Dragon is the imperial symbol, the sign of the emperor and the male element of Yang. The Dragon is also synonymous with power and wealth.
The Dragon falls on the following years: 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, and 2012.
It is said that people born in the year of the Dragon carry a natural charisma and are gifted with power and luck. They are egoistical and ambitious, almost to the point of megalomania, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. They can be successful as actors, singers, bankers, financiers, politicians, pharmacists and quite comfortable in the place of many other professions. Some famous people born in the year of the Dragon are Bruce Lee (1940), Florence Nightingale (1820), Paul Allen (1952), and Friedrich Nietzsche (1844).

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# Monday, December 19, 2011

Sund morgenmad på 30 sekunder?

Du har sikkert ofte hørt ernæringseksperter sige, at din morgenmad er dagens vigtigste måltid. Hvorfor er det sådan? Fordi det efter en lang nat søvn uden tilførsel af næringsstoffer er vitalt for din organisme, at kroppens depoter bliver fyldt op med god ernæring.

Mange mennesker spiser ikke morgenmad, eller drikker måske en kop kaffe og spiser en skive brød til. Hvad sker der så?

Allerede kort tid efter begynder kroppen at sende signaler til hjernen omkring manglende næring, man begynder at føle sult, manglende overskud og måske falder blodsukkeret og man kan ligefrem begynde at ryste. Har du nogensinde prøvet det?

Hvad gør man så? Mange snupper et stykke chokolade eller en kage om formiddagen og oplever derved en kortvarig bedring, men er det chokolade, som kroppen mangler? Snart sender kroppen igen signaler om manglende næring og lysten til at spise et eller andet melder sig igen. Det er en usund rytme for kroppen og de mange usunde mellemmåltider dagen lang er bl.a. en af årsagerne til mange menneskers overvægt!!

  • Måske er du en af dem, der har prøvet alle mulige forskellige slankekure uden succes?
  • Måske leder du efter en løsning, der kan hjælpe med at dække dine ernæringsmæssige behov i dagligdagen?
  • Måske tænker du mere over dine kostvaner nu end tidligere, og søger derfor mere information om et sundt vægttab?
  • Måske er du blevet henvist af en kollega eller en bekendt, der i forvejen følger et af vores programmer?

Uanset hvilken grund, har vi løsningen til dig!


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# Monday, September 26, 2011

public interface IService
    void DoIt(out string a);

public void Test()
    var service = new Mock<IService>();
    var a = "output value";
    service.Setup(s => s.DoIt(out a));

    string b;
    service.Object.DoIt(out b);
    Assert.AreEqual("output value", b);

public void TestForOutParameterInMoq()
    var _mockParameterManager = new Mock<IParameterManager>();

    Mock<IParameter> mockParameter = new Mock<IParameter>();
    //Parameter affectation should be useless but is not. It's really used by Moq 
    IParameter parameter = mockParameter.Object;

    //Mock method used in UpperParameterManager
    _mockParameterManager.Setup(x => x.OutMethod(out parameter));

    //Act with the real instance
    UpperParameterManager.UpperOutMethod(out parameter);

    //Assert that method used on the out parameter of inner out method are really called
    mockParameter.Verify(x => x.FunctionCalledInOutMethodAfterInnerOutMethod(), Times.Once());


public void TestForOutParameterInMoq1()
    var mock = new Mock<IFoo>();
    // out arguments
    var outString = "ack"; // TryParse will return true, and the out argument will return "ack", lazy evaluated
    mock.Setup(foo => foo.TryParse("ping", out outString)).Returns(true);
    // ref arguments
    var instance = new Bar1(); // Only matches if the ref argument to the invocation is the same instance
    mock.Setup(foo => foo.Submit(ref instance)).Returns(true);

public void TestForOutParameterInMoq3()
    var mock = new Mock<IFoo>();
    mock.Setup(foo => foo.DoSomething("ping")).Returns(true);  
    // out arguments
    var outString = "ack";
    // TryParse will return true, and the out argument will return "ack", lazy evaluated
    mock.Setup(foo => foo.TryParse("ping", out outString)).Returns(true);
    // ref arguments
    var instance = new Bar1();
    // Only matches if the ref argument to the invocation is the same instance
    mock.Setup(foo => foo.Submit(ref instance)).Returns(true);  
    // access invocation arguments when returning a value
    mock.Setup(x => x.DoSomething(It.IsAny<string>())).Returns((string s) => s.ToLower()); // Multiple parameters overloads available  
    // throwing when invoked
    mock.Setup(foo => foo.DoSomething("reset")).Throws<InvalidOperationException>();
    mock.Setup(foo => foo.DoSomething("")).Throws(new ArgumentException("command");  
    // lazy evaluating return value
    mock.Setup(foo => foo.GetCount()).Returns(() => count);  
    // returning different values on each invocation var mock = new Mock<IFoo>();
    var calls = 0; mock.Setup(foo => foo.GetCountThing()).Returns(() => calls).Callback(() => calls++);
    // returns 0 on first invocation, 1 on the next, and so on


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Software Development
# Saturday, June 11, 2011

Avid recommends installing the 1.1 Update for all users of the 1.0 version of Avid Studio. Once installed, the Avid Studio 1.1 Update cannot be uninstalled separately, but only with a complete uninstall of the full Avid Studio installation.

This is a summarized fix list:

  • Many performance and stability improvements
  • Improved memory efficiency
  • Fixed several localization issues


  • Corrected several issues with information displayed for certain media items
  • Correctly reset view filter when adding a new view tab
  • Fixed some issues with scene detection

Movie editor:

  • Corrected issues with VST plug-ins
  • Improved behavior when adding clips to a locked track
  • Effects can be previewed from the library
  • Effect indicator now displayed properly on clip for Stabilize effect
  • Corrected issues in Fractal Cloud Effect
  • Fixed problem when using Pan and Zoom effect on a clip on top of a visible background
  • Corrected issues when using some MP4 files in projects
  • Corrected frame rate issues when using some 1080/30p video
  • Improved behavior in timeline navigator

Title Editing:

  • Fixed issue with unwanted cursor jumps when entering text
  • Improvements to title editing user interface behavior

Disc editing:

  • Menus: Main button now correctly hidden on first menu
  • Menus: Fixed issue with incorrect button highlights on DVDs
  • Menu Designer: Fixed issue with inconsistent layer names
  • Menu Designer: Fixed problem when undoing creation or move of a button
  • Menu Designer: Improved context Help information
  • Fixed issues causing chapter playback failures on dual-layer DVDs
  • Use user-supplied name as DVD/BD image name instead of project name
  • DVD simulation: correctly start playback from selected menu


  • Fixed issues with ‘Ignore Duplicates’ mode
  • Show proper thumbnails for DVD chapters when selecting DVD in Importer


  • Corrected export size calculation for Blu-Ray discs
  • Fixed quality issues with AVCHD encoding
  • Fixed several issues with DivX file export


  • Improvements to movie and clip duration calculations
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Video redigering
# Friday, June 03, 2011

I’ve been trying to create a 3.3hr long Blu-ray disc image using Avid studio. I’ve tried multiple formats and even making the content into an HD video file and re-inserting it into Avid so it would only have to export one timeline. Every time I check the disc image the picture starts to pixelate during any movement at around ten minutes and stays that way for the rest of the movie. I have tried with H264 and Mpeg2 and all the HD formats and resolutions. Same result every time.

Does anyone know what’s causing this and what I can do to fix it?

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Video redigering
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